How To Repair Bleached Damaged Hair Fast And Safely

If you ever have tried to bleaching hair and the outcome of bleaching was damaged and fried hair then you are at right place because we will talk about every details of repairing of bleached hair safely. We will tell you about various method of fixing your damaged hair, all you need to do is read carefully and choose method according to your budget and convenience. Before that lets talk scientifically

It is called lightener, and the chief ingredient is hydrogen peroxide. Bleaching action is done by peroxide, some other chemicals are also mixed known as boosters. Boosters increase the bleaching speed. Boosters are persulfates, and function of ammonia is catalyse to activate the peroxides.

Hair color is due to the pigment melanin. More the melanin, much darker the hairs are. Peroxide goes into the shaft of hair and reacts with melanin by oxidation , removing melanin from hair and making them colorless. Peroxide also softens the cuticle causing weakening of hair.

HAIR damage by bleach
Bleach doesn't oxidize melanin only, bleach also removes fatty acids from hair shaft that leads to weakening and drying of hair. Bleach also raises cuticle causing continuous and rapid loss of moisture that makes hair dry, split ends and weak.

There are some of the rules that must be kept in mind
  • No shampoo for one week- if you have bleached your hair then don't use shampoo till week.
  • Moisturizing conditioner- use conditioner instead of shampoo. Conditioner clean hairs but are not drying as regular shampoo.
  • Avoid blow drying and ironing- do not mix damaged hair and heat. It will further damage your hair. Avoid heat for at least two weeks, give time to strengthen your hair.
  • Uuse deep conditioning for a week- deep conditioner crosses deeper layer like cuticle and center.
There are other options which also help in treating the bleach damaged hair, but here we are going to talk about fast and safe method so we are going to discuss here is miracle treatment, it requires single application only. some professionals also calls it THE RESET BUTTON of damaged hair. The miracle treatment helps to repair hair which are chemically or thermally damaged.
If it is asked that technique to repair damaged hair safely then there is only one answer comes in mind that is Olaplex.

It is professional treatment, some of the salons keeps it as VIP exclusive, but it is easy to use and safe also then anyone can go for it. You can buy and do all by yourself also.

Bleaching and heating of your hairs damage the disulphide bond between keratin or hair molecules. In miracle treatment Olaplex does a simple but an important work to create the disulphide bonds again.

You need three bottles.
  1. Olaplex 1 - it contains 100% saturation, and the concentrated one and also called bond multiplier.
  2. Olaplex 2 - it contains 15% saturation and it is in the cream form and also called perfector.
  3. Olaplex 3 - it contains 10% saturation
  1. Attach dosing dispenser to Olaplex 1, shake the bottle lightly.
  2. Mix 15 ml of Olaplex 1 with 90 milliliter water in applicator bottle (non- spraying)
  3. Apply it in the hair from root to end. you can use a water container for collection of mix and reusing it for saturating hair several times.
  4. After giving some massage, allow it for 10 minutes.
  5. Don't wash your hair applied with saturated product. and now apply Olaplex 2 in hair and use hair comb to spread it evenly.
  6. Leave it for 10 minutes, unless your hair damaged for longer time then use it for a longer time.
  7. Wash your hair with running water.
Olaplex 3 bottle is at the home product, to be used for once a week.
Direction for use of Olaplex number 3
  • Get your hair wet
  • Apply the product on dried hair
  • Massage and comb your hair to get all them covered.
  • Leave it for more than 10 minutes
  • Wash your hair with running water and condition them.
  • Use it for at least once a week.
This treatment is very easy to use and apply, but a bit costly also.