Vitamins for Faster Hair Growth You Need to Know

Hair fall is a natural process that increases with our age. Most of the women experience early signs of hair problem in their 30’s and suffer from hair loss till 60's while men experience the different pattern of hair loss and is mostly associated with baldness.

There are many reasons for hair damage –our growing age, stress, any medical condition, usage chemicals and harsh products on our hair, junk food, nutritional deficiency etc. Once damaged, it’s not easy to get back the same beautiful texture of your hair and all that can be done is to reduce the damage through various treatments.

If you have suffered from hair loss and have visited the dermatologist before, you would know that they often prescribe lotions and supplements which are rich in vitamins. Let’s look at these hair supplements and vitamins that are essential for your hair and will help you to grow your hair healthier and faster.

Vitamin A
Many of us overlook this supplement and do not know the benefit of Vitamin A for hair growth. It is one of the most important vitamins required for a beautiful and healthy hair. Known for its antioxidant properties, Vitamin A has the moisturizing property that reduces the dryness of your hair making it stronger, shinier and thicker. Milk, Egg, Spinach, Mangoes, and Sweet Potato are rich in Vitamin A and hence, should be consumed in enough quantity to maintain its requirement in the body.

Vitamin B7
We apply many chemicals to our hair to make it look good and healthy, but we often forget that these chemicals are extremely harmful to our hair. It may make your hair look healthy for the short time, however, in long run it causes severe damage to your scalp and you end up having weak and brittle hair. Vitamin B7 also popularly known as Biotin is another most important vitamin for hair growth. It is known for the production of the fatty acid in the body that helps in repairing brittle hair.

Vitamin E
Well, everyone who has done a little research on hair growth knows the significance of vitamin E for our hair. This vitamin helps in prevention of hair loss by locking the moisture content in your hair. It increases blood circulation to your scalp and reduces the dryness of your hair thereby minimise any further damage to your hair. It helps in retaining the iron in our body which is essential for a healthy body.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is very effective in hair dryness and premature greying. To maintain a healthy hair you can take Vitamin every day as a part of your food diet or you can also take the supplement. Fruits like Lemon, Guava, and Strawberries are rich in vitamin C and are very good for your skin and hair growth.

Folic Acid:
Many doctors prescribe folic acid tablet or lotion to the people who suffer from extreme hair loss and have minimal hair growth on their scalp. Folic acid is a water-soluble vitamin B which helps in premature greying of your hair and also aids in hair growth. Most of the pregnant women take prenatal pills which contain the high content of folic acid tablet and as a result, they experience beautiful and healthy hair.

Beautiful hair is the desire of every individual; we all want long, healthy beautiful hair. But many a time, in the urge to make our hair look shiny and beautiful we use harsh products on our scalp – that brings artificial texture and shine to our hair but damages the root of our hair. We apply so many chemicals on our scalp and do whatever it takes to make our hair look healthy. We follow so many things randomly without understanding its effect on our health.

You need to take these vitamins for faster hair growth. Fruits and vegetables are rich in minerals and vitamins. A proper nutritional diet is a secret for a healthy body. Reduce the intake of junk food and substitute it with natural fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of water to flush out unwanted toxins from your body. Additionally, you can also take supplements to enhance the production of these vitamins in your body. A healthy hair reflects a healthy body. Maintain a healthy lifestyle.